Amalfi Coast

Cetara City

Cetara is a picturesque village of the Amalfi Coast, located at the foot of Mount Falerio, overlooking the sea.

Cetara has always been a fishing village, not by chance its name comes from the Latin Cetaria or cetari, sellers of big fish as tuna.

Tuna and anchovies are the protagonists of Cetara’s cuisine whose typical dish is spaghetti with anchovy sauce. This condiment is obtained from the fermentation of anchovies marinated in a solution of water and salt and can be imagined as an evolution of Garum, the fish sauce made by ancient Romans.

Monuments and places of interest

  • Tower of Cetara (XVI century);
  • Church and convent of St. Francis of the seventeenth century,
  • Church of St. Peter Apostle, renovated in the eighteenth century, has a baroque interior, with a majolica dome and a twelfth-century bell tower with mullioned windows, and an octagonal bell-shaped cell.
  • Church of Saint Mary of Constantinople (19th century)

Cetara is a place of traditions, events and village festivals. Among the most particular, we remember the procession of the Saint Patron, St. Peter the Apostle, on 29 June, during which the main streets of the village are completely embellished with lights and the statue of the saint is carried around on the shoulders of the fishermen.


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