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Getting Around the Amalfi Coast

By 28 February 2018 117 Comments

All the villages of the Amalfi Coast are connected to each other by the road 163 called “l’Amalfitana“, surely one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Fifty kilometers of sharp curves overlooking the sea, interspersed with the various villages of the Amalfi Coast, climbing on the rock as cribs and with a breathtaking sea view. The scooter and the motorbike are certainly the most pleasant means to cruise the Amalfi Coast in total freedom, without worrying about traffic. Pay attention to the parking !!! On the Amalfi Coast there are no free parking spaces for car or scooters.

Public service, especially in high season, is very efficient.

The various towns of the Amalfi Coast are connected by Sita buses. The trips are quite frequent even if often the departure and arrival times are not respected because of the traffic.

Another viable alternative are the ferries that in high season travel with high frequency every day and give the opportunity to admire the coastal landscape from the sea during the journey to the chosen place of interest.

A good network of taxi services and private transfers is present in the area with expert and qualified drivers.

We point out some websites on which you can consult timetables and routes:



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